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Our works


VDC "Orlyonok", 2008-2012, Krasnodar Territory

VerkBau LLC acted as the general contractor for the construction of the dormitory building of the All-Russian Children's Center "Orlyonok" of the Olympic Village camp for 450 people (Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory).

Shilov Gallery, 2009-2010, Moscow.

Reconstruction of the gallery of Alexander Shilov on the street. The banner was held in the immediate center of Moscow, 300 meters from the Kremlin, with nightly delivery of materials and an appropriate level of organization of work. Paving of the adjacent territory, sidewalks of adjacent streets, arrangement of the courtyard, external stairs, granite walls of the "rock" and the entrance group were completed.

Vnukovo Airport, 2007-2009, Moscow.

Construction of the hangar complex of the state transport company "Russia" for maintenance and current repair of long and medium-haul main aircraft, as well as all modern types of aircraft at Vnukovo Airport. Our organization delivered frame metal structures (a unique single-span structure measuring 163 x 108 meters, which has no analogues in Russia and the CIS. Bridge steel, most of the elements are oversized), the arrangement of walls and stained-glass windows (including fire-prevention and automatic smoke removal), roofs, floors (including heating system over the entire area, concrete work, industrial coating), PIT systems (systems for connecting the aircraft to ground communications), hangar gates (as the main ones, 24 meters high and 125 meters long) ditch, and operational, including automatic, high-speed and fire), telescopic platforms and overhead cranes (automated access systems for personnel and equipment to anywhere in the workspace).

Sanatorium "Volga cliff", 2006-2007, 2014-2015, Samara

The company participated in the construction and preparation of the sanatorium of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation "Volzhsky Utes" in Samara for the 2007 Russia-EU summit. Complex interior and street work of the highest class has been completed. Later, as a general contractor, she carried out reconstruction of the second stage of water supply at the FSBI Sanatorium Volzhsky Utes, Office of the Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Konstantinovsky Palace, 2001-2003, St. Petersburg

During the restoration of the Konstantinovsky Palace state complex in Strelna (St. Petersburg), the organization completed more than 25,000 m2 of natural stone in 30 different deposits. Both external and internal finishing works, restoration of historical architectural elements from granite and marble were carried out. The oversized pedestal of the monument to Peter the Great was made, delivered and installed. The work was carried out in a short time, the object was delivered on time to celebrate the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. In 2006, the G8 St. Petersburg Summit was held at the Palace of Congresses.

Bolshoi Theater, 2001-2002, Moscow

The outer territory of the building of the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theater is equipped. Complex and massive architectural elements from granite, multi-span staircases, entrance groups were produced and installed. Over 2,500 m2 of products completed.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior, 1995-1997, Moscow

During the restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 1997, the company produced and supplied natural stone products for stylobate, porch, stairs and fences.

TRC "Arena", 2003-2005, Kiev

The shopping and office center of a premium class is located in the very center of Kiev at the intersection of the main city streets. The total area of ​​the facility is 14,000 m2. The company carried out the production, supply and installation of natural stone finishes for the external facade, atrium courtyard, internal public spaces and offices, including carved mosaics and complex architectural products.

Railway station, Kiev, 2001

The company supplied and installed the facing of the internal and external natural stone finishes - floors, facades, lobbies, passages, fountains, carved sockets and architectural elements of the central railway station of Kiev (Kiev-Passenger station). The work was carried out around the clock in an extremely short time.

Azneft Square, 2007, Baku

The improvement of Azneft Square in Baku was made, delivered and installed, including a musical fountain with an area of ​​more than 5000 m2 with the functions of a laser show, image projection and other things.

Sanatorium "Rus", 2006, Sochi

The reconstruction of the access to the sea was completed - the staircase to the sea was completely reconstructed from white marble (height difference of more than 100 meters), including complex massive decorative elements, adjacent areas were made, a passage to the elevators in the slope was arranged.

Sanatorium "Sochi", 2010-2011, Sochi

The company participated in the reconstruction of the Primorsky building of the Sochi sanatorium of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation. An 11-story building for year-round accommodation of up to 600 people, located 50 meters from the beach. The corps is assigned the level of four stars. The object is included in the list of objects of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Metro. 2013-2015

In the shortest possible time, marble, granite, and vestibules, walkways and entrance groups of the Moscow metro stations "Zhulebino", "Lermontovsky Prospekt" and "Kotelniki" were finished, installed and installed. The work was carried out in a short time, with the need to correct the mistakes of previous contractors.

Clinical Hospital, 2014, Moscow

The engineering systems of the Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation were reconstructed. The work was carried out in stages, without stopping the activities of the institution.